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ASTM A1085

ASTM A1085 is a new HSS specification that covers cold-formed welded carbon hollow structural sections for welded or bolted applications. Independence Tube was instrumental with a handful of other HSS producers and the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) that developed this product for seismic and bridge applications.

Produced in round and square sizes, this new specification provides improved performance that makes HSS design easier and more efficient.

A comparison of A500 and ASTM A1085 and the differences:

  ASTM A500-10
Grade B
ASTM A1085
Manufacture Process Cold-Formed Welded Cold-Formed Welded
Maximum Perimeter 88" 88"
Thickness Range t < 0.875" 0.148" - 0.875"
Yield Strength
Round - 42 ksi min
Shapes - 42 ksi min
50 ksi min
All Shapes
70 ksi max
Tensile Strength
Round - 58 ksi min
Shapes - 58 ksi min
All Shapes - 65 ksi min
Wall Thickness +/- 10% +10% /- 5%
Mass Tolerance N/A -3.5%
Corner Radii No more than 3t max
t ≤ 0.400    1.6t to 3.0t
t > 0.400    1.8t to 3.0t
CVN N/A 25 ft-lbs @ 40° F
Elongation, min in 2" 23% 21%
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