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Band Saw Cutting

Independence Tube can band saw cut in-house rounds, squares and rectangles at 3 of our Divisions; Chicago, IL - Marseilles, IL and Decatur, AL. If you are looking to reduce your scrap, handling or in-house bottlenecks, let Independence Tube provide your cut pieces.

The shortest length we can produce off our mills is 20 foot. If you need a length shorter than 20 foot, let Independence Tube cut it to length for you. Our band saw cutting tolerances are:

  • Length Tolerance (under 40 ft) = ±1/16"
  • Length Tolerance (over 40 ft) = ±1/8"
  • MAX band saw length = 48'0"
  • Squareness of cut = ±1°

Independence Tube can also mitre cut your parts up to a 45% angle.

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Band Saw

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