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Indented (Bumper) Tube
Independence Tube can produce a hollow structural tube section which has a 2-1/2" wide recessed area on one side to allow for the application of a safety strip or a logo for use as an industrial or agricultural vehicle bumper, basketball pole, etc.

Independence Tube's indented bumper tube is produced to ASTM A500 Grade B chemical and physical properties but is not intended for structural load bearing applications.

The tube is typically manufactured as a 4" square X 10 gauge to 3/16" wall tube with an indentation on one side. With the exception of the indentation, standard ASTM A500 tolerances apply.

If you are interested in the indentation on another size tube, please contact your Independence Tube Representative.

  • Indentation can only be produced on one side opposite the weld.
  • 80,000 lbs. subject-to-accumulation set-up.
  • 20,000 lbs. per gauge subject-to-accumulation set-up.
  • HSLA can be produced on an inquiry only basis.

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Indented (Bumper) Tube Schematic
Indented (Bumper) Tube