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Sales Contacts
If you need more information regarding any of our products or services, please contact our sales department: or by phone at 800-376-6000.

Independence Managers

  Name Title Direct Email
Dave Gast V.P. of Sales 708-475-4260
John Tassone GM of Sales & Marketing 708-475-4261
George Moustis Regional Sales Manager 708-475-4262
Mark Scott Regional Sales Manager 708-475-4263
Mike Koslosky Regional Sales Manager 708-475-4264

Independence Analysts

Name Title Direct Email
Kim Baikie Business Analyst 708-475-4267
Nancy Herrera Marketing Specialist 708-475-4273
Cynthia Madden Inventory Analyst 708-475-4280

Independence Inside Sales

Name Title Direct Email
Jim O'Shea Inside Sales Supervisor 708-475-4266
Kathy Cioni Asst. Inside Sales Mgr. 708-475-4274
Paul Kalvelage Acct Rep - Tested Products 708-475-4268
Agata Madej Account Representative 708-475-4270
Rebecca Peck Acct. Rep. - Piling 708-475-4269
Alan Rapacz Account Representative 708-475-4265
Deb Schilling Account Representative 708-475-4272
Steve Thompson Acct. Rep. - John Deere 708-475-4271
Candy Sobor Sales Assistant 708-475-4277


  Name Title Direct Email
Joe Carley V.P. of Sales & Marketing 205-251-1884
Patrick Limbaugh Marketing & Sales Specialist 800-543-9024
Tim Nichols Inside Sales Manager 205-458-9938
Julie Carroll Sales Representative 205-458-9945
Steve English Sales Representative 205-458-9951
Matt Mitchell Sales Representative 205-458-9939
Stacey Turner Petty Sales Representative 205-458-9943
Linda Smith Sales Representative 205-458-9941